zedif: About us

The Competence Center Digital Research, or short “zedif”, is your point of contact at the interface between science and infrastructure for all questions relating to digitization in research. Here you can find information about our team, our structure and our embedding into the research environment of Jena.

On the one hand, zedif offers advice and training as well as the provision of simple, general tools. On the other hand, scientific questions should be answered in close cooperation between scientists from the respective disciplines and experts from computer science in order to adapt solutions, processes and tools for specific applications.

In this way, processes from the application phase of a research project to the publication of research results and data are supported in a coordinated manner, both in smaller individual projects and in larger joint projects.

zedif was founded in the beginning of 2021, as part of the Michael Stifel Center Jena (MSCJ):


  • catalyst especially for the digital concerns (data as well as software) within interdisciplinary research projects
    • experts with fixed term positions, who collaborate on a project level with research groups, from short-term projects all the way to multi-year collaborations
    • guidance and collaboration from the proposal phase all the way past the end of the project
    • close cooperation with service units within FSU, e.g., URZ, SFT, the legal department or the ThULB
  • knowledge transfer targeted at researchers concerning topics of digital research, through
  • Cooperation and active networking with initiatives on German an international level concerning RSE (de/int) und FDM.