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About us

zedif helps research to excell in the digital world.
Lab notebook
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  • zedif logo
    Graphic: Frank Löffler
    zedif zedif is short for “Kompetenzzentrum Digitale Forschung” in German, which in turn is “Competence Center Digital Research” in English.

    zedifs main target group is researchers; primarily at the university of Jena, but generally also within the region of Jena.
  • three hexagons, highlighting "training", "consulting" and "collaboation" with the zedif logo in the center
    Graphic: Frank Löffler
    Three main areas The topics we work on and support with can be described as “everyting digital in research”, which includes research data and research software as well as digital tools in research.
  • History
    • 2015: founding of Michael Stifel Center Jena (MSCJExternal link) together with the RDM Helpdesk (link to web archiveExternal link)
    • 2018: founding of the Thuringian Competence Network Research Data Management (TKFDMExternal link) with coordination by the RDM Helpdesk
    • 2019: Initial plans for
      • service concerning “data literacy”, aimed at students and
      • service for digital research, aimed at researchers
    • 2020/21: 5-year “initiation projects” for both
      • DaLiJe (Data Literacy Jena) and
      • zedif (now combining RDM and RSE services)
    • 2023/24: mid/long-term vision
    • 2024: evaluation
  • Localisation

    zedif is part of the Michael Stifel Center Jena (MSCJExternal link), a research center of the University of Jena. As such, zedif is a research-driven unit within the university without direct affiliation to any specific department. However, the focus of researchers at zedif is, unlike researchers at departments, not on any specific, single, nor usually zedif-related topic. Instead, the researchers at zedif, besides offering training and consulting to other researchers, temporarily join research groups and collaborate on their research, offering their expertise and support and doing that enable, advance and accelerate the group's research.