Kreidezeichnung von Person, die eine Treppe hochläuft


Training by zedif for different target groups
Kreidezeichnung von Person, die eine Treppe hochläuft
Image: Gerd Altmann on Pixabay

Our team of professionals with backgrounds in various academic disciplines offers trainings reagarding digital research with an emphasis on research data management and research software engineering. We offer courses that target researchers at every stage of their academic career.

Our Course Spectrum

We have summarised a brief overview of the topics that we currently offer as part of our courses here. If a topic that interests you does not appear here, please contact us to discuss the possibilities for a corresponding course.

  • Research Data Management
    • Research Data Management (RDM)
      Introduction of handling of research data
    • Data Management Plans
      Planning and monitoring of research data management
    • RDM in funding applications
      Requirements of funding bodies for research data management
    • Data Security
      Hints and tools regarding the protection of research data
    • Legal Aspects of RDM
      Copyright and Licensing of research data  
  • Digital Tools
    • Docker
      Container virtualisation
    • Gephi
      Tool for network analysis
    • Git/Gitlab
      Version control and project management
    • High-performance computing (HPC)
      Using the University's HPC Cluster
    • LaTeX
      Text edition for scientific publications
    • OpenRefine
      Tool for cleaning and quality improvementof tabular data
    • Spreadsheets
      Organizing and processing tabular data
    • Unix Shell
      Operating the computer with typed commands
  • Programming
    • Julia
      Programming language for scientific computing
    • Matplotlib
      Library for data visualisation in Python
    • NumPy
      Library for scientific computing in Python
    • Python
      Widely-used programming language for analysis and visualisation of data
    • R
      Programming language with special focus on statistics and data visualisation
    • SQL (Structured Query Language)
      Language for the creation of database queries