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Consulting regarding Research Data Management and Research Software
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Image: Jay Miller on Unsplash

We offer consulting on everything related to digitalization in research for researchers from all scientific disciplines. We provide support from the application process to the end of the project.

Our consulting services are tailored to the individual needs of each researcher, research group or project. The following topic examples are intended to give an impression of the possible range and are not an exhaustive list.

  • Guidelines and principles to be aware of and follow
  • Information on data management in funding applications
  • Creation of data management plans (DMP) and software management plans (SMP)
  • Data storage, including data organization and data security
  • Porting and scaling of research software
  • Description of research data and software with metadata
  • Questions regarding the reuse and publication of data or software (e.g., licenses, publication media)
  • Archiving of research data

We also provide advice on the selection of tools, repositories, etc., as well as on the necessary resources. Additionally, we support the search for suitable cooperation partners for relevant methods at the location.

In addition to scheduling individual appointments, feel free to join our monthly meet-up for individual hands-on support.

Discipline-specific Services in Jena

Logo of the Data Integration Center
Logo of the Data Integration Center
Graphic: Medical Informatics Initiative (MII)

For the management of Protected Health Information in the context of biomedical research, contact the Data Integration CenterExternal link at Jena University Hospital. The cooperation with the Data Integration Center offers the possibility to conduct research projects with the usage of data from patient care as well as the implementation of the FAIR principlesExternal link for Protected Health Information (especially discoverability or collectability, interoperability as well as data privacy and consents for data use).

Logo of Bioinformatics Core Facility
Logo of Bioinformatics Core Facility
Graphic: Bioinformatics Core Facility

Support for all stages of the analysis of bioinformatics data is provided by the Bioinformatics Core FacilityExternal link.

  • support for the data analysis with various computational standard techniques
  • step-by-step bioinformatics guidance
  • training to perform own bioinformatics analyses

The aim of the Bioinformatics Core Facility is to contribute to interdisciplinarity and the development of a wide range of research projects through numerous services and collaborations.