The Carpentries
The Carpentries
The Carpentries are an internationally active non-profit organization that aims to teach basic data and software skills in order to support efficient, open and reproducible research. Several Carpentry trainers work at the Competence Center Digital Research (zedif), passing on their knowledge to teachers and researchers in workshops specially tailored to them.

In the future, teachers at Friedrich Schiller University Jena (FSU Jena) and Ilmenau University of Technology (TU Ilmenau) can receive internationally recognized continuing education courses in digital research that are specially tailored to them. This will not only enable them to strengthen their own digital skills, but will also carry this forward into their courses.

As part of the Thuringian University Initiative for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Studies, FSU Jena became the first German Platinum Member of the Carpentries earlier this year. The Carpentries are an international non-profit organization that aims to teach basic data and software skills to support efficient, open, and reproducible research. The organization also subscribes to this ideal itself: all materials are made available openly and free of charge. The focus of the initiative is on the people who either conduct research themselves or support it.

Three employees of the Competence Center for Digital Research (zedif) first underwent training to become Carpentries trainers and can now pass on this knowledge to teachers and researchers at both universities and also incorporate it into the courses offered by zedif. Course topics include controlling a computer via text commands, revision control of files, programming, or the efficient management of data in tables.